We offer a broad range of outpatient medical services to consumers:

Preventive Medicine

A basic philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine is that preventing disease is more effective than treating disease. At VITUP, we share that belief ...(More)

Sleep Medicine

Sleep issues may seem minor, perhaps simply an annoyance or unintended consequence of modern life. But, poor sleep or the lack of sleep can have far more serious health effects. VITUP’s renowned Sleep Medical Center is led by one of the foremost ...(More)

Women's Health

The Women's Health Department mission is to help every woman choose a healthier, happier lifestyle from developing ages to marriage and through menopause. We provide comprehensive health checkups and examinations for women of all ages ... (More)

General Medicine

VITUP general practitioners have extensive experience in the major medical disciplines and they have full ability to deal with common acute or chronic health problems. If you’re concerned about a potential health problem, seeking the diagnosis and recommendation... (More)

Rheumatism and Immunology

In 2015, VITUP established a multi-disciplinary program for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and other rheumatic and immunologic diseases such as bursitis/tendonitis, osteoporosis, pseudo gout, systemic lupus ... (More)


According to one epidemiological survey, more than 90% of people around the world have experienced back pain, of which more than 65% have been serious enough to affect quality of life. Vitup’s Orthopedics Department treats a full scope of orthopedic issues such as ... (More)


The VITUP International Hospital Rehabilitation Center specializes in providing rehabilitative care for patients suffering from chronic diseases, sports injuries, post-acute phase injury recovery, and the elderly. The goal of the Rehabilitation Center ... (More)

Chinese Medicine

VITUP’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Department integrates traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat a variety of acute and chronic pains and diseases. VITUP’s overall health and wellness philosophy is largely based on traditional Chinese medicine’s “treatment of disease” concept – ... (More)


The VITUP International Pediatric Healthcare team has a wealth of experience from working closely with pediatric specialists in China and abroad, enabling VITUP to meet or exceed international standards for the delivery of high quality outpatient and emergency treatment ... (More)

Dental Care

VITUP offers a comprehensive dental care practice providing dental patients with Preventive dental healthcare treatments, as well as procedures for corrective, cosmetic and restorative dentistry ... (More)

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery offers surgical patients the benefits of less pain, faster recovery, shorter hospitalization and fewer complications as compared with traditional surgery.... (More)

Medical Imaging

VITUP International Hospital maintains a world-class Medical Imaging Department to support the work of our physicians and technicians. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accuracy in diagnosis and treatment... (More)

Medical Examination

VITUP International Hospital maintains a large-scale, comprehensive clinical test center to support our doctors and technicians. The center is equipped with the latest international testing equipment... (More)