General medicine physicians provide comprehensive examinations, consultation, diagnosis, treatment and referrals if needed to the appropriate specialist. VITUP general practitioners have extensive experience in major disciplines such as internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry, and they have full ability to deal with common acute or chronic health problems. 

If you’re concerned about a potential health problem, seeking the diagnosis and recommendation from a general practitioner can mean the difference between swift and effective treatment and costly, more involved treatment after a condition has progressed.   Your general medicine physician can explain your condition and inform you of viable treatment options, or arrange for an appropriate referral if a specialist is required. General practitioners are critical in the application of preventative medicine.  

General practitioners will be the physicians who most closely know your previous medical history, family history, your exposure to occupational or environmental factors, nutrition and fitness habits, as well as your personal needs and concerns. All of these factors are important in addressing your health holistically.