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VITUP’s Women's Health Center was established in 2016 under the guidance of Dr. Ellen Zhao. The Women's Health Center’s mission is to help every woman choose a healthier, happier lifestyle from developing ages to marriage and through menopause.  The Center provides comprehensive health checkups and examinations for women of all ages including blood tests, medical imaging, cervical screening, ultrasound examinations, hormone testing, trace element testing and bone metabolism detection and treatment, anti-aging prevention and nutritional counseling. We use the latest technology to ensure accuracy in diagnosis, privacy and comfort.

In addition to medical procedures and consultation, we educate our female patients on basic women's health knowledge, equipping them with a more informed understanding of their own bodies and enabling them to make the right health choices.

The Women’s Health Center is staffed by a group of multidisciplinary health care workers, including gynecologists, sleep doctors and physiotherapists.  The Women’s Health Center practices “comprehensive health” - assessing a women’s overall health and making a comprehensive diagnosis rather than diagnosing unilateral diseases.

Women’s Health Services:

Female Medical Imaging Services

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Perinatal Care

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Stress Management and Counseling

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Premarital Health Checkups

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Menopausal Women’s Health

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Sleep and Health in Women

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Reproductive Health Services

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Nutrition Management and Guidance

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