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More than 40% of people of all ages are often unable to sleep well at night.  Lack of sleep can result in obvious symptoms such as drowsiness or falling asleep at inappropriate times, as well as sleep disorders such as snoring, sleepwalking, bedwetting and nightmares.  

Sleep issues may seem minor, perhaps simply an annoyance or unintended consequence of modern life. But, poor sleep or the lack of sleep can have far more insidious effects. Sleep disorders have been associated with more than 100 diseases. In some cases, sleep disorders can even endanger life. A variety of clinical studies have clearly demonstrated the association between sleep-related dyspnea, or difficulty in breathing, and these health issues:

  • Heart disease 
  • Hypertension
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Stroke

VITUP’S renowned Sleep Medical Center is led by one of the foremost global authorities on sleep disorders, Dr. Xiaowen Yang.  Dr. Yang is supported by a team of multidisciplinary doctors and specialists, including general practitioners, cardiologists, pulmonologists, ear nose and throat doctors (ENTs), neurologists and other specialists, who all participate in the diagnoses and treatment process to ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

Sleep research is carried out in a private, home-like environment. Our sleep experts use advanced computer monitoring systems to track and observe the respiratory patterns at night, as well as blood oxygen, brain waves, heart rate changes, eye and limb activity, and sleep sounds to carefully plan out an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

About the Department Head

Chief Physician



Fourth Military Medical University


Dr. Yang is an internationally recognized expert on sleep and sleep disorders.  Her background includes Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine and Sleep Medicine. She visited Harvard Medical School and conducted several groundbreaking interdisciplinary research projects...