It's normal to feel anxious about staying in the hospital. Please know you’re not alone. You will have an entire healthcare team focused on your safety and well-being.

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What Do I Bring?

You will only need essential items, we also provide quality commodities such as:

  • Sleepwear
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries

Should you need any additional personal care items, these can be purchased in our hospital gift shops.

What Paperwork Should I Bring?

Please provide our hospital caregivers:

  • A list of all medications, supplements or herbals, including dosages
  • Any physician orders
  • Any preadmission paperwork

What Shouldn’t I Bring?

  • Large sums of money.
  • Jewelry
  • Other valuables

When Can My Family and Friends Visit Me?

The visiting hour is 8:00-18:00. However, there may be times when visitation may need to be limited.