In 2006, VITUP established the Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialty Department, integrating traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat a variety of acute and chronic pains and diseases.   In fact, VITUP’s overall health and wellness philosophy is largely based on traditional Chinese medicine’s “treatment of disease” concept – a focus on health maintenance and treatment that emphasizes enhancing the body’s resistance to diseases.  VITUP has developed specialized expertise combining traditional Chinese medicine’s “treatment of disease” concept and essence of syndrome differentiation with modern medical treatment to prevent, treat and rehabilitate patients.

VITUP specializes in applying integrated traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to diagnose and treat cancer. This combined approach improves the overall efficacy of treatment over what either traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine could achieve alone. Patients benefit from more subdued side effects from cancer treatments, the therapeutic effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments are enhanced, and tumor complications are less common. For patients with advanced-stage cancer, the application of traditional Chinese medicine can help relieve symptoms, maintain and improve the quality of life, and extend life.

Integrating characteristics of traditional Chinese and western medicine therapy has also been successfully applied in treating women for premature ovarian failure, menopausal syndrome, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine bleeding and other diseases.

VITUP’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialty Department has also had very good clinical prevention and treatment for many other diseases including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, metabolic diseases, hepatobiliary disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and diseases of the spleen and stomach.