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A basic philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine is that preventing disease is more effective than treating disease. At VITUP, we share that belief. We focus on keeping our patients healthy as opposed to simply trying to reactively treat illnesses or disease once they’ve occurred. Of course, if patients come to VITUP with an illness, injury or disease whether newly incurred or chronic, we provide corrective treatment. However, our emphasis is on keeping our patients healthy so that corrective treatment does not become necessary.

We look at your health holistically. Your VITUP physician will consider your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits as factors in evaluating your health. Your physician will inquire about your vaccination history to be sure that you’re up to date and provide flu shots and recommend other vaccines as needed. Your physician will then design a personalized health checkup plan based on your age, gender, work, living environment, and personal and family health history.

Preventive medicine is particularly important in the early screening and diagnosis of dangerous and high-risk diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer where early detection is especially important for effective treatment. During your VITUP health checkup, we will review your electrocardiogram results, sleep monitoring data analysis, and any early abnormal changes in medical tests to assess the health of your heart. If vascular issues are detected, we utilize these advanced diagnostic methods along with cardiac ultrasound to compile a full diagnosis. And if treatment is required you’ll have access to the broadest possible range of solutions, provided by expertly skilled medical staff and supported by the most advanced healthcare technology.

In screening for cancer, our physicians use the latest in diagnostic technology and equipment such as CT scans. These scans allow VITUP doctors to see the exact size and location of a tumor inside a patient’s body.   

If you’re concerned about cancer, have a family history of cancer or have been diagnosed with cancer you naturally want to have the best care possible. At VITUP, we’re committed to making cancer patients feel safe and comfortable in a private medical environment attended to by an expertly trained staff of physicians and technicians.    

There are several other high-risk screenings that may be part of a patient’s Preventive Medicine health checkup depending on age and personal and family health history:

  • Painless Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy
  • Heart Ultrasound, Carotid Ultrasound, Intracranial Vascular Ultrasound
  • Testing for Systemic Arteriosclerosis
  • Low Dose Gemstone Energy Spectrum CT Heart and Lung Tomography
  • Dual Energy X - ray Examination of Bone Density
  • Trace Elements and Heavy Metal Blood Tests