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About Us

Since 2003, VITUP Healthcare has been dedicated to helping people lead healthier, happier lives. VITUP delivers better healthcare because of the three principles that differentiate our approach to healthcare:

  1. We focus on preventive medicine and look at a patient’s health holistically. This is the best way for people to achieve and maintain good health. 
  2. We believe medical care should always be provided in a compassionate, attentive, and professional manner. Your Vitup physician is focused on yourhealth and not rushing to get to the next patient in the queue.  
  3. Our hospital environment is designed to meet our patient’s needs for privacy and comfort. Our patient rooms and waiting areas are bright, spacious and comfortable. You’ll find it so relaxing you’re liable to forget you’re even in a hospital.

Dalian VITUP International Hospital, our flagship healthcare facility, offers comprehensive medical services ranging from preventive care, to treatment for acute and chronic conditions, to rehabilitation care. The hospital has been built to demanding international standards and is staffed with internationally trained physicians and technicians using the latest in advanced medical technology.

Mission Statement

VITUP’s mission is to redefine the delivery of healthcare for everyone. Our focus on holistic health, preventative medicine and our highly trained, compassionate medical staff will set a new standard in Chinese healthcare.

VITUP Vision

We seek to become the premier healthcare provider in China. A provider that consumers respect for its high quality, compassionate care; a provider that physicians aspire to join because of its medical reputation; and a provider that instills employee pride because of its strong sense of purpose.